Framed Unique Symbol

Unique Symbol is the only one of its kind. It’s a perfect gift for any occasion (Birthday, Mother or Father’s Day, Wedding, Anniversary, Christening, St. Valentines Day etc.). It’s a gift that shows the main qualities or goals of the person it is for and sends a personal message from you as well. The Unique Symbol is a great gift for your loved ones: partner, mother, father, friends or even a boss! The symbol can be created for one or several people: a couple, a family, a collective or other groups of people.

All you have to do to order this Unique Symbol is to fill the form provided on a right hand side in and tell us a bit about the person the Unique symbol is for. We’ll start our creation process of the Unique Symbol once we received your payment. When it’s done and wrapped as a present, we’ll send it to the address provided in the form.



  • Frame with printed symbol. Yellow, brown or black in colour; size 25x25x3 cm; comes with a mount; can be displayed in a standing position or hanged. The Unique symbol is printed on a 13x13cm card to fit the mount and the frame nicely.
  • Postcard with a printed symbol. Printed on a 7×12 cm card and presented on a 10×15 cm darker colour card.
  • Card with a description of the symbol. A symbolic meaning of the Unique symbol and your wishes to the card receiver written and  printed on a 10×15 cm card.
  • Mini easel (2 pcs).  To display the postcard. The height of an easel is 13 cm, the widest part is 8 cm.
  • Envelope. 15×15 cm size envelope where we put postcard, card and mini easels.
  • Wrapping. Present is wrapped and ready to hand out to the loved one.


  • After your payment has been completed you will receive a confirmation email saying that the creation process has been started.
  • We will start the creative part straight away and might contact you at some point during the process if we need any clarifications of the information provided in the form. Please feel free to contact us at any stage of the process if you have any questions as well.
  • In three working days we will send you a symbol and its description for your preview.
  • After the final result of the symbol is agreed, we will print the card, wrap it as a present and send it within two working day to the address provided.
  • How long the “Unique symbol” card will traveling to you it depends of the chosen type of shipping.

If you have any questions, we encourage you to get in touch with us via email: info@uniquesymbols.com at any time during the process.




You are the joy and the happiness, the most beautiful desire to know the world. Your unique symbol “Autumn in the universe” shows the time when you were born – the time with stars and golden leaves in the sky. Falling stars will remind you of a magic in this world. So jump on a rocket of your dreams and go ahead and make a wish!    

Lots of love,
Your aunty


This “Unique droplet” symbol is as unique as you are. Your sense of aesthetics and never ending aim for quality is charming and inspiring. Dream big and never be afraid of trying different routes – that’s the way to find your own path. Every new idea, every new goal is a little droplet that will fill the sea of your life up. I wish you never to give up and see your sea getting deeper.

With big love and support,
Your brother


Your elegance and beauty fascinates everyday and was an inspiration for creating your unique symbol “Floral gaze”. Your ability to seek for goodness in everything and everyone and to look at the world responsibly is an amazing example for all.

With this symbol I wish you to keep daydreaming and encourage others to daydream too. Most importantly, do not be afraid to look around and seek for the beauty in day to day life.

Warmest wishes from your childhood friend


You are an inspirational person because Your courage to dream big and to act on your dreams is a tremendous motivation for others, as well as your broad and friendly smile is a guarantee of good emotions for those around you.

Your unique symbol “Fresh wave” wishes you to move forward. The variety of fruits and berries spread most colourful and flavourful ideas, whilst the smallest camomiles and cockle-shells may remind you of the beautiful little nothings of life.  

We are happy having you with us!
You colleagues



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  • FORM

    This form will help us to know this person the symbol is for. Please fill this form as honest and personal as you can. Answer only those questions which are the most important to you.

    Įrašykite, koks norėtumėte, kad būtų kreipinys teksto kortelėje.

    Įrašykite, kaip norėtumėte pasirašyti teksto kortelės apačioje, pvz., brolis/sesuo, tavo draugas/draugė arba tiesiog Jūsų vardas.

    Įrašykite, koks yra dovanos įteikėjo ir dovanos gavėjo ryšys? Pvz., dovanos gavėjas man yra mama, tėtis, dukra, draugas ir t.t.

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